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Primer on CCPM via podcast

Yes, I am playing with my new toy.

The Project Management Podcast at the beginning of December interviewed Allen Elder of No Limits Leadership, who has been doing Critical Chain Project Management and Theory of Constraints for many years. 

Elder does a nice job of covering the standard problems we talk about in the CCPM body of knowledge: Parkinson's Law, Student's Syndrome, Murphy's Law, impact of variability on the integration of tasks, multitasking...  And the shift to CCPM requiring a level of trust that people who are both doing the tasks and who are managing the work.  He talked about the huge successes seen due to implementing CCPM in many different places: projects completed faster, more projects over time, projects that meet scope and budget.

So, why doesn't everyone use it, if these huge advantages exist?  "Culture Change:" Shifting to higher-trust and away from Parkinson's Law and Student's Syndrome and multi-tasking.  This is an ongoing struggle for people implementers, and it takes a lot more than understanding the technical aspects of CCPM to achieve success.

Be warned: this is over an hour of talking.  The actual interview starts ~six minutes into the episode.  I listened to this in pieces recently.

Feed overload and your tools

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