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Digitus floodus - recommendations

What would you recommend for tips on dealing with the flood of digital information?  That's the question from Michael Sampson in his Seven Things:

One of my friends dropped me an email yesterday asking:

If you had a top 7 tips list for managing the flood of digital information, what would it be?

He lists six things (below) and asks for a seventh.  I like the question, particularly in this end-of-year period of looking forward and looking backward.  What would I recommend for dealing with the flood of digital information?

My addition has to be "create a process" and stick to it.  Evaluate your priorities in life, look at your time, and make a decision about how much time to devote to the various information sources.  And with all personal effectiveness suggestions, do it for a while and check that it is actually working for you.  And part of that process: it is okay to throw out unread newspapers, ignore unread mailing list mail, ignore blog postings, etc...  Make it okay to do what you need to do.

This is Michael's starting point.  I particularly appreciate his suggestion of a personal knowledge management system.  And to his commenter: there isn't a single technological answer.

  1. Write a blog.
  2. Don't live in an email client.
  3. Look for the commonalities.
  4. Read more deep stuff.
  5. Get to know the key people who flood you with digital information.
  6. Build a personal knowledge management system.

Knowledge management is hard?

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