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Chuck Frey interview with Tony Buzan

Chuck Frey has posted an Exclusive interview with Tony Buzan:

I recently interviewed Mind Mapping guru Tony Buzan via e-mail about the growth and evolution of the popular visual mapping technique that he invented in the 1960s, his decision to launch a Mind Mapping software program (iMindMap) and the future of mind mapping. Don't miss this fascinating conversation!

The interview itself reveals more about mind mapping than I knew.  Buzan has thought long and hard about how mind maps release the power of the mind.  I have been happy with them as a means to capture ideas and plan presentations.  I can see how they might be used for other purposes, but I just haven't done it yet.  (And I didn't know there was a "preferred" way to build them with color and images.  I always figured that was for people who have a better eye for design.)

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