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Talking on TOC this Monday

I will be talking about Theory of Constraints Monday (22 January) evening through my association with Northwestern's Center for Learning and Organizational Change.  This will be an introduction to the concept with as much interaction as I can create in an hour and a half.  If you are a TOC expert, feel free to come and harass me.

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Eliminating Bottlenecks!

Applying Theory of Constraints (TOC) to achieve more, faster, and with less wasted effort

Monday, January 22
4:30 - 6:00 PM followed by reception
McGaw Pavilion, Northwestern University, Chicago Campus
240 E. Huron—Downtown Chicago
Cost: $10 
Advance registration required (at Acteva)

Questions: 847.491.7376

What limits the ability of an entity to grow and reach its goals? Given that question, managers typically provide a laundry list of problems that prevent them from making their numbers in a given quarter. The Theory of Constraints (TOC) lens on this is that there is only one constraint, and TOC analyses shine a light on it. What happens if your business function is the constraint? What if yours is part of the rest of the business that is not the constraint? Organizational Effectiveness consultants use the frameworks and thinking tools based on the TOC as a means of looking at business as a system. Dr. Jack Vinson will provide an introduction to this powerful discipline and some insights into these questions.

Jack Vinson, PhD, is trained as a chemical engineer and scientist. He worked in pharmaceutical product development before launching his knowledge management consultancy, Knowledge Jolt. His work involves helping clients find the value in their business knowledge and information. Today he is interested in the emerging field of personal knowledge management and operations management, and he is an inveterate blogger.

Join us for an engaging lecture and Q&A session followed by a reception.

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