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KM Chicago: deploying stories in your organization

The February meeting of KM Chicago will feature Tim Keelan of StoryQuest.  I am interested to hear where he has gone with doing storytelling and narrative in organizations.  I'd love to get him involved with the TOC Center folks, as we have bunches of telling stories that are only stored in the minds of the people.

February 13 Meeting -- Story, Peer-based Learning, Mobile Sales Enablement

KM Chicago, February meeting
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
5 - 7 pm
Locations: Factiva (Loop), Allstate (Northbrook), teleconference. Details and directions in the sidebar.

Where do knowledge management, honest voices, and technology meet to deliver learning and sales enablement results? This presentation will share what we (StoryQuest) have learned over a 3 year journey, from stories, to mobile audio, to peer based learning, to podcasting and knowledge harvesting. All offer value but none deliver learning and value in and of themselves. The most important thing we have learned is that in order to deliver value we must deliver ALL of the following:

  1. Compelling content. If the content is not interesting, it well never get used and consumed. (Instructionally sound content is not necessarily compelling or interesting)
  2. Multiple mediums and delivery methods. Web, CDs, Podcasting, elearning - all offer value, but nothing works for everyone.
  3. Client and user support. The greatest product in the world goes nowhere unless it is promoted, supported and measured properly. This is an area we are still learning about, but we have learned a lot.

This presentation will share learnings about the use of stories, peer-based learning, mobile learning and sales enablement.

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