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Learn how to be curious

Lori Grant, one of the Smart Lemmings, links up 12 Tips to Learn How to Be Curious via an article by Darren Rowse on Problogger, How to be Curious

  1. Don't Accept Spin
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Ask 'What if'
  4. 'Turn Questions into Quests'
  5. Dig deeper than the RSS feed
  6. Use available Tools
  7. Put disconnected ideas together
  8. Play
  9. Get Proactive
  10. Network
  11. Find a 'Curiosity Buddy'
  12. Slow Down

I particularly like number 11.  A curiosity buddy is someone who might help me see things from a new perspective.  Or she might come up with a new idea that I then spin off into a direction neither of us could have seen before.

A colleague recently told me that I do well some environments because of my natural curiosity for things.  While it can sometimes get me stuck in explorations, I find curiosity and wonder about the world and its people brings me new ideas and insights all the time. 

What makes your wheels turn?

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