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Karl Popper discussed at BBC

The BBC's Radio 4 In Our Time podcast covers Karl Popper this week.  Popper is credited as being one of the most significant philosophers of the last century.  From a knowledge management perspective, his ideas are used frequently in discussions about the nature of knowledge and how a company could "do knowledge management."

In Our Time - Karl Popper:

Karl Popper is one of the most significant philosophers of the 20th Century, whose ideas about science and politics robustly challenged the accepted ideas of the day. He strongly resisted the prevailing empiricist consensus that scientists' theories could be proved true.

For what it's worth, I have found In Our Time to be a great show.  The BBC's Melvyn Bragg runs the discussion with a fine hand, and the discussion participants are excellent resources for the listener.  Note: it may not be possible to download the audio file once the new episode is loaded.  The link above points to the archive location that only includes a .RAM file for audio.

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