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MindManager shortcuts

Kyle McFarlin has published his Top 10 Mapping Shortcut Tips (MindManager & ResultsManager), and Jason Dorko followed-up with some more of his favorites.

They both mention a couple I use all the time, and they both point to some shortcuts I didn't know.  (I saw a picture of Office 2007 key mappings overlaid on a screen shot - that would be handy for most applications and devices in my life.)  Here are some finds from me

  • Ctrl+D cycles through one level, two levels, all levels and then back to fully collapsed.  Handy.
  • F2 is a handy key in many Windows apps.  It is the shortcut for "rename."  In MindManager, this highlights all the text of the current topic and you can edit.  (Keeps my hands on the keyboard.)

Of course, the full set of shortcuts is published by the folks at MindJet.  It's probably useful to review these from time to time.

Update: Fixed the spelling of Kyle's last name.

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