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Your personal social index

Two funny things came across the aggregator today.  The first is Mukund Mohan's tongue-in-cheek interview from the future, Interview with Jane KnowItAll; CEO of Communities-R-Us 2012

I interviewed Jane KnowItAll, the CEO of Communities-R-Us in June 2012. Here is an excerpt from our discussion.  [snip]

Mukund: So what has driven the growth? [in communities]

Jane: Primarily the need for people to connect and feel connected, and the growth of the Personal Social Index, which is widely accepted number replacing your Net Worth as the true indicator of your “wealth as a person”.

I responded privately that this was good fun but that someone needed to write a lame online survey that calculates people's PSI.  Or better yet, do some funny algorithm with a search against their name in the context of social software.

Kjolt socialmeter score is 3934Along comes Valdis Krebs to a pointer to socialmeter, a service that almost does this, but with a focus on URL instead of name, What's My Degree?

No, this is not a new academic game show, but an interesting little web site that looks at in-degrees of other web sites. Polling some of the most popular link counting web sites, SocialMeter, gives a aggregate score of your in-links as seen from sites like Google, Technorati, Delicious, and others. [snip]

A game of "mine's bigger" will now ensue...

And for what it's worth, mine is bigger!

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