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MTG: Orcish Librarian

Orcish_librarianIn the fun category comes this card from Magic: the Gathering, The Orcish Librarian.  If the image isn't clear, the librarian is eating The Joy of Cooking with some library paste.  And Naked Lunch sits up on the shelf.  And the quoted line is "Us hungry, need food .... Lots of books .... Hmm...."

As my regular readers will know, librarians are some of my favorite people.  And something you may not know: I had a hand in play testing some cards back in the mid-90's.  I don't recall the Orcish Librarian.

My wife brought home the page of American Libraries (March 2007) that contained this image under the heading "How the world sees us."  There are some other interesting (and funny) quotes in the rest of the item too.

[Image copied from the MtG cardlist, but it is on many MtG websites.]

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