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Social software becoming embedded

John Barben wants to know What's happened over the last year in social software??

I'm doing my second online presentation to the UNN MSc in eKnowldege Management in a couple of weeks and I've committed to refresh my slides ... and I'm going to try out the social side of the blog media.

I think the "what has happened" is that social software has become an accepted part of the environment.  From the recently-released survey saying that 30 percent of companies doing web2.0 technology implementations to the even larger chunk of people who are using the technologies to the deep embedding of MySpace, LinkedIn and blogging.

An example from my KM class:  When I asked this year how many students have blogs, a quarter of them raised their hand with having at least tried.  Several of these are sponsored or supported by their corporation.  And easily half the students read blogs.  I don't have numbers from previous years, but they were much, much lower.  And this group of students are much more aware of social software and things like companies Googling prospective hires.  In previous years, people were much more skeptical about social software and even scared about the prospect of checking the online behavior of interviewees.

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