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TRIP: Time Reinvestment Plan

Stock dividend reinvestment plans are called DRIP's.  What do you do with the time you save using Covey or Getting Things Done or your home grown methodology?  Do you have a Time Reinvestment Plan?

I've had this Filipe Fortes article waiting around for comment for an appropriate day.  This seems as good as any.  Is Technology the Answer for Information Overload?

The dream is half right — technology can improve efficiency. It’s just that, at least in my case, I the savings got reinvested back into consumption. This is a risk for all information gluttons, no matter what the technology (blogs, email, etc).

This is a great comment.  Sure, we can use technology to become more efficient and "fix" the problem of information overload.  The important question is, "What's next?"  So I free an hour a day, what do I do with that hour?  Do I invest it in something new?  Or do I simply "reinvest" it in doing more of the thing that got me into trouble in the first place?

Of course, the "right" answer is that I can now do the important stuff that always seems to slip through the cracks of the easy or urgent things.  But without the discipline (or desire), I end up sliding back into my old habits: reading that one more article or hitting the "get new mail" button just one more time.  And today is one of those days.

Have a nice TRIP.

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