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There was a mind mapping festival

And I wasn't invited?  (To borrow from The Simpsons, "There was an optics festival, and I wasn't informed?")

A recent podcast from Dan Keldsen had me thinking this line, so I had to blog about it.  He has Mind Mapping Tips from A Master:

This interview between myself, Dan Keldsen, and Phil Chambers, Founder and Managing Director of Learning Technologies Ltd, and current reigning World Mind Mapping Champion, centers around how to get started in Mind Mapping, as well as what the typical stumbling blocks are to successfully *doing* Mind Mapping.

The podcast is informative from the perspective of hearing what another expert does in the way of mind mapping.  And I think it would be interesting to have several people "live mapping" and then compare notes at the end. 

I had no idea there was a World Mind Mapping Championship, or even that there could be such a thing.  I've always thought of mind maps as a rather personal view of what I'm thinking / reading / hearing.  That said, I know that Tony Buzan has a very defined meaning of what good looks like in terms of mind maps.

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