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Killing your personal growth

I came across Henrik Edberg's discussion of 9 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Personal Growth last week, but I was so sick* that I could do no more than mark it as something to respond to later. 

  1. Thinking you already know everything
  2. Being confused by the marketing hype
  3. Not taking action
  4. Giving up
  5. Worrying about/listening to what others think
  6. Dabbling with it
  7. Having unreasonable expectations
  8. Failing to/not wanting to (at least start to) understand yourself
  9. Not taking responsibility for yourself

[via Raven's (excellent) Brain]

I like his intro that says, "I have certainly made a lot of them. More than once."  Ain't that the truth.  I could tell stories about each of these, but I'll let you remember your own.

* How sick?  I didn't have coffee for two days.

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