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Welcome, Inside Counsel readers

I was interviewed by Keith Eckers of Inside Counsel for an article on KM in legal departments.  Step-by-step guide to a successful KM initiative has been published in the June 2007 issue, and I am quoted along with Dennis Kennedy and several others.

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The article is primarily a set of guidelines, as suggested by the title.  It also includes some anecdotes and sidebars on topics related to KM.  I suspect those deeply vested in the KM would cringe at some of the things that get highlighted, but it does provide a basic intro to the topic.

The guidelines:

  1. Create an objective
  2. Sell it (where I'm quoted)
  3. Appoint a leader
  4. Get buy-in
  5. Leverage existing technology (use what you've got!)
  6. Consider other stakeholders
  7. Maintain it

[Thanks to Doug Cornelius for spotting this.]

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