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You know what you know better than anyone

Luis Suarez has a report on Bob Buckman's discussion from the APQC conference.  I particularly liked this tidbit on knowledge-is-power:

At this point in time Bob shared one of the best quotes I have heard, read, seen ever on what Knowledge Sharing is all about: "Don’t be afraid to share what you know, because you know it better than anyone else!" WOW! This is just *so* true! I wish people would understand that and realise something I have been saying over here for a while now: "Knowledge shared *is* power!".

I really like this thought as much as Luis.  Stop hiding and hoarding that knowledge.  It doesn't do you or anyone else any good if they don't know you have it or can't find it.  It almost makes me wonder if the hoarders have something else to hide - that they don't know something.

There's a comment later in the article that works along the same lines. 

1. If you would want to be a source of knowledge, share!
2. If you would want to be a source of expertise on how others see you: share!

Have a look at Luis' entire article.  It is loaded with interesting tidbits and thoughts from Luis.

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