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Co-creation is not an option

Matt Moore has some great comments on the idea of co-creation and participation in today's web.  Creative Ecologies (or why my genius is unimportant), starting with some statistics about how a fraction of people are creating content and related to the 1% Rule.  From the end of Matt Moore's post:

To understand the inputs into and impacts from social media, we have to see these invisible ecologies of creation that form & reform. These ecologies have long pre-dated the internet but now we see them more.

To repeat, co-creation is not an option, it is the default...

"Co-creation is not an option," I like it.  We work together naturally.  Actually, we shift back and forth between solo work and collaborative work.  I can't do my solo work without the inspiration of talking, reading and seeing patterns.  Similarly, my collaborative work is informed by personal reflection as well as reflections with my colleagues.

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