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Clients remixable content

Bill Brantley describes How education/training has changed in the last three years for him.

[Students and clients] want living documents that link to more information, easy to pass-along, and can be cut-and-pasted into other documents.  ...  No longer should knowledge stand alone but it should be linked to other bits of knowledge and reshuffled as the occasion warrants.  They want Wikipedia-type living documents and not Encyclopedia Britannica-type of fixed, bulky pile of dead paper.

People want to be able to remix their content, no matter what the source.  (One reason why Facebook is getting some haters while it is drawing people at the same time.)

I see it in what I demand from my service providers.  I see it in what my clients request.  And I can definitely see this in the class I teach at Northwestern.  It's been both exciting and frustrating.  I can provide the latest details via delicious tags or via my blog.  Of course, I am not perfect in my class design either.  Had a discussion today with the department chair about rethinking the class and creating a better "story arc" for the ten weeks.

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