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KM Chicago: Sept 11 meeting with Cynthia Lesky

Cynthia Lesky will be the featured speaker at the KM Chicago: Sept 11 meeting:

Tues, Sept 11 at 5:30pm.

Open source or secondary information is a distinctive piece of the KM mosaic. This presentation and discuss led by Cynthia Lesky of Threshold Information will look at the role of secondary information in knowledge management. Cynthia will present two of Threshold's real-life information search projects as examples of tactical and strategic use of external information. The topics will be:

  • Wikipedia and corporations: what best practices are developing in how companies manage erroneous or negatively-biased entries
  • Positive organizational scholarship: what it is and how the concept is being used in business settings.

Using these projects as a jumping off point, attendees will be asked to contribute to a discussion of the role of external information in KM.

We meet jointly at Dow Jones in the Loop, and at Allstate in Northbrook, and online.  See the sidebar at KM Chicago for location information. 

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