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Kevin Fox is blogging TOC stories

Kevin Fox of the TOC Center has started blogging with the obviously-titled Theory of Constraints blog.  The latest entry is More Projects Faster: Critical Chain Project Management.

"It's not important to complete tasks on-time, it is essential to complete projects on-time."

No matter where you look in today's competitive world, the pressure to complete more projects, faster at lower cost is pervasive. Speeding construction projects brings new plants and stores, with their substantial revenue streams, on-line earlier, improving investment returns. Accelerating new product development and launch expands market share, increases sales and for many companies can be the difference between being the market leader and being an also-ran. In information technology, bringing new systems on-line faster means enhanced capabilities for customer service, inventory management, and a host of other mission-critical management activities. For most companies involved in strategic projects, delivering more projects faster is not just important, it is imperative.

All of his entries tend to be article-length, rather than short posts.  It's a good thing he only writes a few times a month.  He's got several others on project management and on TOC in general.  Also, he has written about the Blue Light story that I've referenced as What Good Looks Like in the past.

If you are into Theory of Constraints, you might want to follow his writing.  He's got a lot of stories to tell.  (Oh, and his father is Bob Fox, who worked with Goldratt back in the day.  Bob's still doing TOC work too.)

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