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10 tips on KM strategies

Stephen Collins has copied 10 tips on KM strategies from a mailing list discussion.  I'm most entertained by the fact that most of these have nothing to do with the idea of KM-as-technology-solution that many people hold.  These tips have to do with PEOPLE, which is where I have been starting in recent conversations about knowledge management.  And as one of the commenters said, the list could equally apply to many initiatives.

In case you don’t subscribe to actKM, here’s some great thoughts posted there in recent days by Cory Banks. He gave them to a non-KM person as his top 10 tips for KM strategy in an organisation.

[This is just the list - read the details at Stephen's blog]

  1. Manage the Change
  2. People before Technology
  3. Behavioural Change
  4. Organisational Culture
  5. Strategic Alignment
  6. KM in the wild
  7. Technology is an enabler
  8. Adopt KM Principles
  9. Don’t stop at the first solution
  10. Motivation

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