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Weblog data as art

Rate_of_blogging_anjoAnjo Anjewierden has a beautiful post, where he describes Weblog data as art with the image here (click to see Anjo's original).

There are days one feels like winning the lottery. I discovered Lattice Uncertainty Visualization. This may not sound too appealing to many, but there are some very neat ideas about the visualisation of uncertainty (probabilities) in large data sets, particularly the use of various visualisation techniques for emphasis.

Beyond the beauty of the picture, why is this interesting?  Anjo and Lilia and others have been working on weblog analysis and visualization techniques for a while.  One of the important aspects of their work has been on mechanisms to discover evidence of community in the linking behaviors of bloggers.

This particular graph shows self-linking behavior above the horizontal axis, external linking behavior below and time and frequency of posts with the black, vertical lines.  As they have discussed a number of times, self-linking is much higher in their samples than external linking.

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