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Interesting LinkedIn questions for 12 Sept 2007

Another set of LinkedIn Questions, but I don't think I am going to continue this process on a regular basis.  I think there is a lot of value in LinkedIn Answers, as they want to stay focused on business-related questions, rather than the wide-open nature of many other Q&A services (Yahoo Answers, Yedda, ...). 

This one has to be interesting to me, Who invented the term "Knowledge Management"?  I mention the credit that Tom Davenport frequently gets for popularizing the term.

A local friend asks What companies do a great job with community-based marketing? with a view to those that are exploiting some of the newer technologies (blogs, wikis).  Interesting range of responses.

An interesting question about SNA and strategy: How can social network and social network analysis be used as a strategic management tool during change?

Someone is thinking about starting a business in which they use Blogging Collectives to do marketing / advertising.


What makes an expert

Discussion of the role of External Information in KM