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Blogs I'm enjoying of late

John Tropea has given us his list of 20 blogs I'm currently enjoying and encourages the people on his list to do the same.  So, here we go - I managed 18.  These are blogs I'm enjoying reading of late.  My full reading list covers over 300 blogs and other sources.

  • Thinkingshift is a thoughtful blog, lately with longer pieces on KM and science topics.
  • Eclectic Bill writes about TOC and his academic experiences around KM.
  • Dove Lane offers practical thoughts on KM (and gaming).
  • Matt's Musings KM in an entertaining style.
  • Stan Garfield's Weekly Knowledge Management blog is a peek into Stan's mind on a weekly basis. [Updated to a new location March 2015]
  • Librarians as Knowledge Managers is a relatively new read for me, and he has been entertaining me.
  • Uncommon Knowledge has a number of items that have enjoyed recently.
  • KM Space is another KM blog that I've been enjoying lately.
  • Common Craft has been plying us with those Plain English videos that are spreading like wildfire.  Yum.
  • Thingamy has a fun, yet cynical take on the world of business and software.
  • Anne Truitt Zalenka has been linked a few of my other reads, and I like her thinking.
  • Everyday Wonderland doesn't write frequently, but always makes me think about the way I'm approaching life.
  • Bridget Houlihan is a friend in Chicago who has restarted her blog on her life in the city.
  • Shalom Rav is from the rabbi at our synagogue, with just the right posting frequency for me.
  • Parent Hacks inspired by Life Hacker, this one covers workarounds and shortcuts for those of us with urchins.
  • confused of calcutta has had some interesting pieces recently, and he generates a goodly number of comments.
  • Joho the Blog has been in my reader since before I started blogging, and I always enjoy this peek into Weinberger's mind.
  • apophenia has been there a long time too and always with interesting material.

The other entertainment of building this list is that I got to cull out a bunch of dead or otherwise inactive feeds.  I removed about 20 to my "are these dead?" list and of those, only one or two had moved their feeds or websites to new locations.

[Update: Grazr no longer exists, link removed.] If you are interested in exploring this list in greater depth, here is a Grazr widget that will let you browse these blogs with their tools.  (I haven't played with this a whole lot yet, so bear with it.


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