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Gartner top 10 technologies

Gartner has done a 2008 top 10 strategic IT technologies which has several entries connected to my interests.

  • Social Software
  • Mashup & Composite Apps
  • Metadata Management
  • Web Platform & WOA
  • Real World Web
  • Green IT
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Unified Communications
  • Virtualization 2.0
  • Computing Fabric

Of these, obviously Social Software is interesting.  It will be interesting to see how Web2.0 continues to immigrate into the enterprise, as well as it continues to develop in the consumer (non-enterprise?) market.  Real world web sounds to me like mashups that contains data grabbed from my mobile device that contains geo data, either from GPS or mobile towers or what have you.  (It also sounds like Read/Write Web.)  Metadata management is also intriguing because of the ideas of the semantic web and the need to be able to make connections between disparate data and information.  BPM is also of interest to me, as I see some connection to modeling knowledge processes and the need to understand how knowledge and information flow around a business.

[via Mukund Mohand at Inovis]

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