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Survey: Social software as change management infrastructure

Martin Koser points to a survey on Social Software as Change Management infrastructure:

The department of organizational design and behavior at the University of Stuttgart, Germany is currently conducting an online survey on “New Media in Change Management”....

So if you have an understanding of the application and the potentials of social software in change processes, please take the time to answer the online questionnaire - it’s open until January 15th 2008.

Go ahead take the survey, particularly if you are doing anything related to change management - either leading such projects or deep in the middle as a participant in the project.

What I found. as I reflected on my "change management" projects during the survey, was that the projects had nothing to do with the technologies I had at hand.  They had to do with defining the problem(s) and finding the one thing that was the core to the whole system.  With that in place, creating changes elsewhere in the organization were much easier because there was a rallying cry around the central point.  Sure, blogs and wikis and ... could be helpful, but only as supporting mechanisms to the overall move forward.

I know this is nearly the opposite of what I offered in my last post.  But here I am focusing on the change management aspects that came to me as I did the survey.

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