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The Art of Complex Problem Solving

Via StumbleUpon, I found Idiagram's / Marshall Clemens' beautifully-illustrated The Art of Complex Problem Solving with mouse-over detail to the baseline graphic.  Of course, Idiagram's business is in helping other businesses create visual models of their complex business problems.  So it should be no surprise that they have a visual description of the process.  I think of my friends at XPlane doing similar things with visual descriptions of business processes.

One note regarding the term "complexity."  Complex systems are not unknowable.  They just have lots of moving parts and are difficult to see at the big picture level.  The other aspect of complex systems is that changes to one piece of the system are likely to have impacts on other areas of the system -- there are connections throughout the system.  The good thing about this is that one should be able to find the biggest leverage point where a small change will have the greatest impact throughout the system.  In business, this is the strategic control point that enables growth.

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