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Catch a childhood dream

Jens Poder has a nice article on his childhood dreams, and it makes me think about my own.  Catch a childhood dream

It was amazing how powerful this notion of your childhood dreams felt. And I began instantly to recall my own dreams from way back when. It was fascinating to revisit dreams I had forgotten so long, and how happy these ideas and dreams made me feel.

The thing that Jens suggests in his ruminations about his dreams is that they have stuck with him - shaped what he does and what runs in the back of his head about things he wants to do.  I need to take this under consideration in combination with a recent listen to the Cranky Middle Manager episode 123 - The Dream Manager - Matthew Kelly.  And there was a recent post from Clarke Ching where he interviews Alan Barnard and the thought about a "life goal" appears as something that can be achieved every day (as each day could be your last).

My first thought on reading Jens' list of dreams was "what were mine?"  But then them started coming back.  I think there are more than these four, but I want to get this post out and get to sleep:

  • Be a firefighter
  • Be a (professional) baseball player
  • Be a professional mountain biker
  • Be Huckleberry Finn

I should probably have something in there about computers and technology, since I was one of the kids who spent hours at the local Radio Shack, playing with the TRS-80's before we had a computer of our own at home.  And then I spent hours on the phone with the local BBS's - my friends always knew I was home when the phone was busy for hours at a time.

Of that list of four things I can remember, I've been closest to being Huck Finn - everything from being Tom Sawyer in a grade school play to playing with my small children today. 

Have you thought about your dreams - childhood or otherwise?  Do they still resonate for you?  Have any of them come true?

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