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Ten Faces of Innovation

Clarke Ching provides a link to an article / review of Tom Kelly's book, Ten Faces of innovation (and the accompanying website).  It's a collection of personae that are critical to innovation in teams.  I like how the personae are grouped by type.  And I like the idea that no one person could fit into these roles.  I also have the idea that people morph from persona to persona, depending on what is happening in the business. 

Unlike Clarke, I'm going to assume you'll track down the link, if this topic is of interest.  Here are the Personae as grouped in the article.

The Learning Personae

  1. The Anthropologist
  2. The Experimenter
  3. The Cross-Pollinator

The Organizing Personae

  1. The Hurdler
  2. The Collaborator
  3. The Director

The Building Personae

  1. The Experience Architect
  2. The Set Designer
  3. The Storyteller
  4. The Caregiver

p.s. Yes, I am using the Latin version of the plural for "persona."  I still can't get over those change - even though I recognize English as ever-evolving.

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