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Design Thinking webinar

I attended an interesting webinar this afternoon on Design Thinking by Linda Yaven, Professor at California College of the Arts.  It was hosted by the folks from Catalyze.

The essential message I got from the discussion was that Design Thinking is not something esoteric and strange, but that it does require a shift of thinking and doing that most people can do. I also heard a lot of elements of other ideas around innovation and innovative thinking. She referenced Ideo's methodologies and the Emilia Reggio approach to preschool education.

Yaven also talked about a perspective on documents and "requirements documents." Rather than focusing on the final product, create something she calls a "responsive document." Show how ideas evolve and veer off and go wrong and get corrected. Do it with pictures, drawings, mind maps, and with words. The claim, with which I mostly agree, is that this gives the people involved a much greater sense of cohesion and ownership in the process and the final product.

Here are Linda Yaven's Six Design Thinking Values, most of which she covered in the discussion.

  1. Learning by doing
  2. Multiple modes of communication
  3. Testing ideas
  4. Transparency
  5. Equivalency
  6. Protagonista (a term from the Reggio Emilia approach)

Ben.  I assume you know about this style of thinking.

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