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Product Manager as MVP

My new role is as a product manager, so I've started following a bunch of blogs in that vein.  Here's a great post that gives me an ego boost AND describes the work that product mangers do.  Art Petty saying, In support of the Product Manager as MVP:

Few roles in B2B and technology organizations carry loftier expectations or face more challenging tasks than that of the Product Manager. This position tends to be backed by a job description with responsibilities that makes many executive roles look tame by comparison.

For a look into the article, here are his Attributes of Great Product Managers.

  • An understanding of their offerings developed from two perspectives: creation and use.
  • A bedside manner (interpersonal) that is calm, confident and politely assertive.
  • The mind of a strategist balanced with the results-orientation of a COO.
  • A savvy perspective on positioning and promotion.

And I am posting this at midnight because I've been busy learning and doing my new job.  The good news is that I am (generally) keeping to my Inbox Zero goal!

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