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PocketPC, ActiveSync, and network connections

I have a new Windows Mobile phone (per the direction of the company).  It has nice features of synchronizing with my computer, so I can share data between the two devices.  This works just fine - I have been using the USB cable.

ActivesyncconnectionsBut the default settings also have the phone use the computer's network connection when it is connected to the computer.  What I mean is that when I try to browse the 'net from my phone when connected, it uses the network via the computer.  In most cases, this is probably a much faster method than to continue using the over-the-air network that the phone uses when it is not connected.

However, my company blocks websites that I like to visit (pretty much all the social sites), so I have been using my phone to do this.  When I am sync'ing (and charging the phone), I can't go where I like.  So.... 

It should be simple to disable that 'net connection, right?  Wrong.

None of the options on the ActiveSync "connection settings" do anything useful.  If I switch the setting for "This computer is connected to" from "automatic" to "work," then I can use the net on my phone.  But the synchronization breaks, apparently because it can't find the Exchange server. 

And I have yet to be able to find anything by searching for the various setting strings.  Plenty of discussions use the phrases, but none that talk about what the settings do in a way that makes sense for my needs.  And don't even think about looking at the help file for ActiveSync.

LapropertiesIn one of those places, I noticed some discussion of changing the settings for the network connection that the phone makes to my computer.  This sounded promising.  The settings are under Control Panel -> Network Connections.

But again, nothing.  If you turn off the TCP/IP, that kills everything.  And the other two options didn't seem to have any impact whatsoever. 

In the end, I think the answer is to change the "This computer is connected to" line from Automatic to Work and deal with the fact that AutoSync can't get to the exchange server via the USB cable.  Heck, if I am sitting next to the computer, I don't need to be checking email or my calendar on the phone.

Next question.  How do I use my phone as an internet connection (if I can't find a wireless signal for the laptop)?

Hoosgot any guidance on this matter?  I'd love to hear it. 

Laura, the medieval manager

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