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Knowledge management for small groups

Doug Cornelius tells us about his experiments with Wikis and Household Knowledge Management.

I have often proclaimed the virtues of using a wiki for knowledge management. But does it have place in household knowledge management? Today I have two stories. One is a great success and the other a failure in using a wiki for household knowledge management.

I generally categorize this in the bucket of "personal knowledge management," but there is an important element of interaction around the household information.  Maybe this is "KM for small groups."

His link above gives you a series of articles on household KM, as he's been contemplating different aspects of what he would like to see the deal with the stuff that could be made more available: books, calendars, contacts, baby's sleep schedule...  I appreciate hearing about his experiments with various ways of dealing with the problem (from paper to fancy web2.0 tools).  And I like seeing examples of what works and what doesn't, particularly as lessons learned in more formal settings get reflected back into the informal business settings too.

One area that I've found troubling is the issue of calendars.  We've setup a Google Calendar with a couple different views (mine, hers, and the boys), and this works to an extent.  But this does not synchronize well with my professional calendar (Outlook 2003), so it feels like things still fall through the cracks.

Two fun bits

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