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Productivity Show with Mission Control

The Productivity Show #39 with Doug Fisher of Mission Control covers my favorite topic of personal effectiveness AND makes the connection to team effectiveness.  I also heard a lot of personal knowledge management in the discussion, but mostly it was tangential.

Doug Fisher is President of Mission Control, a productivity methodology for increasing productivity and reducing stress. Sounds like Getting Things Done? Well here’s a comparison from someone who has done both; GTD-er’s Perspective on Mission Control. Mission Control adds a layer of time based action into your calendar, so that the things/actions you are going to do are set in time. Mission Control also looks at how you are being with the things you think you “should” do.

The show is about an hour and is one of the better in the Productivity Show archives - in my opinion.

Here is a fun quote: "If you are going to do it, schedule it."  In other words, if you really intend to do something, stop hassling yourself and put it on the schedule to REALLY do it.  This advice is similar to the Inbox Zero advice, as the clutter in the inbox tends to create cause mental troubles too.

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