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A Perfect Day

Usually, this isn't terribly interesting information, but I made connections around the globe with friends in KM and technology.

I went to the KM Forum meeting and met Ray Sims (for the first time), David Hobbie (again), Lynda Moulton, Larry Chait and several other members of the forum.  Among other things, I discovered that David is a new neighbor.

Sadly, Matt Moore didn't make it to the KM Forum on his whirlwind tour of KM aficionados in the United States, but that didn't stop me from meeting up with him for dinner.

Since I had seen mention of PopSignal on Twitter, I decided that Matt and I should go there.  We saw a bunch of Boston Tweets: skalik, amandagravel, Nathan, the other Nathan, vanhoosear.  And based on my Twitter feed, I missed several others.  I also got to meet Paul Michelman, the host of HBR IdeaCast, which I've been following since I got my iPod. 

Then Matt and I went off for dinner and had a great conversation about knowledge management, Theory of Constraints, buying real estate and other fun.

And how does it end, but I stop by Joining Dots and find this great rendition of Lou Reed's A Perfect Day.  I love the original, and this one does a nice job too.  That has to be Shane MacGowan with the teeth.


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