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Goldratt Consulting have created a place to share a variety of videos that relate to Theory of Constraints, from Eli Goldratt talking about various aspects of the TOC concepts to other demonstrations of successful implementations of the principles.  And yes, they do own Here's the overview page with a list of current videos.  I think some are shifting to for-pay after a few weeks. 

Welcome to! Click on any of the main sections shown on the top left, or use the menu below to learn about any specific title. Details are shown on the left. The PLAY button takes you directly to view the video. Please do do not hesitate to Contact us if you need any assistance.


  • The TOC way to an ever-flourishing company
  • Introduction to TOC - How to cause the change?
  • Viable Vision
  • The Difference between Theory and Practice Implementing TOC
  • The Goldratt Webcast Program on Project Management - an extract
  • US Marine Corps Logistics Base
  • The fastest House in the World
  • Realization Customer Conference 2007
  • Delta Airlines: The Change and Challenge in Engine Maintenance - a Case Study.
  • Make to Availability and Beyond
  • The reason for Technology
  • GSP Session 7 - Managing People

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