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Spreading the happy flu

My friend Patti Anklam passes along this entertaining diffusion experiment from happy flu, so I am too.  If all is working properly, you will see a Flash window that shows elements of a network.  And my node should be connected to Patti's, which is on a branch in the "11 O'Clock" position.

(function(){var callback=function(e){e=e?e:window.event;if(e.stopPropagation)e.stopPropagation();if(e.preventDefault)e.preventDefault();e.cancelBubble=true;e.cancel=true;e.returnValue=false;return false;};var e=document.getElementById('flashviz');if(e.addEventListener)e.addEventListener('DOMMouseScroll',callback,false);else if(e.attachEvent)e.attachEvent('onmousewheel',callback);})();

The slider on the right does a zoom in/out, and you can click-and-drag to navigate around the larger window.  And if you click on a node, you can see the name of the website in the top bar.  And clicking on the url will take you to that website.  The basic network looks like hub-and-spoke.

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