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Barriers to implementation of ...

A few people have mentioned the McKinsey survey report on Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise: McKinsey Global Survey Results.  The report provides some potential insights into where the business world is going with Web 2.0.

The thing I found most interesting was the list of barriers to implementation (Exhibit 5: Barriers by level of satisfaction).  If you take away the term "web 2.0" how many other projects could you place there?

  1. My company doesn't understand the potential financial return from the use of ____.
  2. My company's culture doesn't encourage the use of ____.
  3. My company doesn't provide sufficient incentives to adopt or experiment with ____.
  4. My company doesn't have the skills to implement ____.
  5. My company's organizational structure is too hierarchical.
  6. My company's leadership team doesn't encourage the use of ____.
  7. The legal/HR risks associated with the use of ____ are perceived to be greater than the benefits.
  8. My company's IT department does not deploy technologies like ____.

The only one that is particularly surprising to me is the first.  I usually hear that it is difficult to assess the financial impact of projects of this sort.  If you have a believable financial impact assessment, then it is much easier to say yes (or no) to a project.

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