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Test Your GTD-IQ

Hello, friends.  I've been on holiday, in case it isn't obvious from my lack of posting. 

Here is a not-completely-frivolous test for the end of the year.  How are you doing with Getting Things Done?  Test Your GTD-IQ.  I came out with a 3 in Perspective and 4 in Control, making me a Captain & Commander / Autocrat.

Test Your GTD-IQ.  Be aware that this is partially for your own interest and partially for DavidCo to sell GTD training and seminars.

How is your personal productivity level today?

What has your attention?

Do you know what you are committed to, and why?

Self management is all about perspective (focus on the right things) and control (the ability to effectively manage all the things coming at you).

GTD-IQ was developed in conjunction with one of the world's leading professional assessment firms. In less than two minutes, you will get a visual representation of where you fit in terms of the two critical elements of self management - control and perspective.

Remember - GTD-IQ is not meant to describe how you operate at all times. In fact, your levels of control and perspective can change as quickly as what you do during the day changes!

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