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Collaboration relies on the frame

Shawn Callahan posted the Anecdote Collaboration framework back in November 2008, and I have been pondering it since.  He's been thinking and talking on the topic for a while.

Collaboration_diag_b2-tmOrganisations need simple ways to create a common understanding about what needs to be done. Our collaboration framework aims to provide two perspectives: the dashed oval represents the collaboration environment—the container that enables (or disables) collaboration within and between organisations; and a simple process reminding us that in business we must collaborate with a purpose, starting with business needs and resulting in outcomes.

The center has a basic flow from business needs to business results, which looks more or less familiar.  This particular post focuses on this progression and the relation to collaboration. 

In my mind, the ribbon around the outside is the interesting aspect in my mind.  It contains all the supporting elements and structures that need to be in place for a successful walk along the path from a recognized need to a proven value.

The elements listed in their framework are:

  • Trust
  • Leadership support
  • Values
  • Physical space
  • Incentives
  • Technology
  • Shared meaning
  • Collaboration support
  • Metrics

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