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Applying business improvement to a medieval recreation village

I've been following Henrik Mårtensson for quite a while, as we share a deep interest in Theory of Constraints and business improvement in general.  He operates in Sweden and gave himself an interesting challenge: apply these business principles to Primus Vicus, a medieval recreation village in Halmstad, Sweden.  Sure, it is a business, but there are also many volunteers and hobbyists who have a vested interest in Primus Vicus as well.

It looks like he did the work last year, but his recent post, The Innovators, summarizes what he did with three videos about the process.  In good TOC fashion, he started by asking the organization for their goal -- what is it that such a village is trying to do.  From there, a discussion of what's keeping them from getting there and how to overcome those obstacles.  The third video shows the

The main Primus Vicus page is in Swedish (of course), but there is an English-language YouTube channel. Fun.

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