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Do something with your ducks, the row is boring

Wood DuckIt's hard to be actively involved in the online world and thinking about how it affects your life and those around you and not know about Seth Godin.  That said, I haven't read any of his multitude of books and have only appreciated his blog via the comments that others have made about his material.  One of those people today is Luis Suarez, who pointed to this year-old interview with Seth by Melissa Pierce.

There are a lot of interesting comments about industry and the market and the latest industrial revolution, but the big thing Luis picked up on and the thing that rang loudest for me was the comments about how people should live their lives in the new market.  Here are two:

"You can spend a lot of time getting your ducks in a row, but it's way more important to do something with the duck."

"You can do 50 things to 80% and you never get anything done." 

For me, these speak to the imperative to do something as well as the imperative to finish.  Finish it and move on.  So what if it fails or doesn't work perfectly.  You won't know that until you get to the end.  And you had better learn something from it - even if you don't know what that was going to be when you started.

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