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Podcasts and other media sources

My friend, Shannon Clark has posted an article about the various media he consumes, which leads me to several new podcasts to explore.  So, I figure I should mention my list of podcasts once again.  His motivation is in looking for additional sources.  I'm always on the lookout for other sources, but I am aware that my ears and eyes only have so much capacity.

Here is my current list.  Thanks to Shannon for giving me several new podcasts to ponder in addition to these.

  • David Allen Company Podcast (feed).  Everything from tips on the Getting Things Done ideas and tools to personal interviews with various GTD people or aficionados.
  • Great Speeches in History (feed).  Every once in a while this feed will post an interesting speech from history, often politicians or other rabble-rousers.
  • A bunch of NPR podcasts
    • Hmmm.... Krulwich on Science Podcast (feed).  Robert Krulwich and his oddball take at science reporting - often of oddball research.
    • NPR Music Podcast (feed).  Excerpts from NPR coverage with a musical bent, giving you everything from pop to jazz to classical to ...
    • World Cafe: Next from WXPN (feed).  Usually two quick songs from some unknown-to-me artists.  I've frequently gone looking for more after hearing them here.
    • All Songs Considered (feed).  Fun and insidery discussions with Bob Boilen and others who really love music of the Indie Pop flavor.  Given that this is generally my favorite genre of music, I have picked up a number of albums and artists that they've highlighted.  I particularly like the discussions with Carrie Brownstein, Stephen Thompson, and Robin Hilton.
    • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! (feed).  We used to listen live in Chicago, and now that I travel a bunch, it's just as good in podcast mode.  (We still sometimes listen live at home.)
  • The Onion Radio News (feed).  A one-minute shot of Onion silliness several times a week.  Doyle Redland rocks.
  • In Our Time With Melvyn Bragg (feed).  BBC radio discussions of topics ranging all over the place from ancient Greece to modern science to literature to politics.  And this week, we have a multi-part series on The Royal Society.  Very educational.
  • clarkeching's Podcast (feed).  For people interested in Theory of Constraints only.  Clarke interviews people from the TOC community - usually in relation to recent books.  He's also read excerpts from his book.  Sound quality could be better.
  • Quick and dirty tips network podcasts
    • Grammar Girl (feed).  Mignon Fogarty provides well-researched articles on various grammar elements.  The biggest thing I've learned is that The Elements of Style is just about style preferences rather than an absolute rule book.
    • Get-It-Done Guy (feed).   Stever Robbins gives various tips on how to get through a well-organized life.  While the tips don't always work for me, the program usually has enough humor to keep me listening.
    • The Public Speaker (feed).  Lisa B Marshall walks through all variety of topics related to speaking in public, whether that is a crowd of hundreds or in your next one-on-one interview.
  • Chicago Bites (feed).  I'm often jealous as I listen to Tammy Green and Bridget Houlihan critique the restaurants and other foodie events they visit in Chicago.  My family were even one of the dining companions when we lived there.
  • Technology & You (feed) from BusinessWeek.  A straightforward podcast about technology from BusinessWeek, but I think it might be changing as Steve Wildstrom is leaving that gig to do something else.
  • Naked Scientists (feed).  A fun look at the world of science, generally focused on recent findings.
  • IdeaCast (feed) from Harvard Business takes topics from Harvard Business Review or the various HBS-sponsored blogs and dives into them for 15-20 minutes with the author.
  • this WEEK in TECH (feed).  An enjoyable hour of babble and banter, ostensibly about the week's new in technology, but often about odd things in the industry and sheer excitement at being alive to use and be affected by the new technologies.
  • Digital Planet (feed).  Another BBC entry, this show contains everything from new technology to how that technology is affecting the world around us, such as the report of a network being setup in Nepal or Kenya.
  • President Obama's Weekly Radio Address (feed).  I like hearing about what is top-of-mind for the President this week.  I also listened to Bush's weekly radio address - and the parody.  Question: Is there a weekly "republican response" podcast?
  • The Moth Podcast (feed).  Interesting, strange, funny, odd stories told on stage without notes. 
  • (feed).  This was Luis Suarez and Matt Simpson talking around technology and social media and the impact on people and business.  But I think they have given up for now.  tertulia.
  • Benjamin Wechsler’s Orchestra of Life (feed).  Ben is another friend, who has just started the idea of podcasting his musical compositions.   We'll see if this goes anywhere.

I continually cull out podcasts that no longer update, so I don't have things like David Maister, Merlin Mann, or the defunct(?) LoungeBR on Brazilian music.  And I removed the Coffee Break Spanish because I found I didn't have the time (and interest) to devote to it.  There are many other examples that I've tried and stopped, of course.

Print media I consume are the Boston Globe (or other newspapers when I'm on the road), Wired, VeloNewsCooks IllustratedKMWorld (still!), and Communications of the ACM (decided to re-up my subscription after all).  I also still have a couple hundred weblogs running through my feed reader (Google Reader currently), but it is clear that many of those are defunct and people are blogging much less than they did two or three years ago.

The only TV that I watch with regularity is The Simpsons - still going strong after 20 years!  When cycling is on Versus, I'll watch that.  And now that we have Wii, I have participatory gaming in my life again.

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