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My picks for Enterprise 2.0 sessions

463The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is attempting to use the concepts to help organize the Boston conference.  In this case, they've asked anyone who is interested to submit session topics and abstracts on the Call for Papers website, hosted by Spigit.  Now they are asking people to review these topics, leave comments, and vote for those that should be in the conference.  Votes are due by tomorrow, January 20th.

Great.  However, as of today there are 463 topics, and it looks like people are having a hard time getting past the first few pages.  Even though there is the opportunity to filter by tag or proposer, there are many potentially interesting topics that may not see the light of day due to the quantity of other interesting topics.

Crowd sourcing should help this process.  Given enough people and enough filters, together we should be able to find a reasonable set of topics for the conference.  In that light let me encourage you to go review the topics yourself. 

I've voted for 35 sessions - far too many to actually attend, but these reflect my interests and you might note a bias to voting for sessions from people I know.

One suggestion for the conference organizers and Spigit: Think about a mechanism for the crowd to recommend collapsing multiple sessions with a similar feel into one session that is a panel discussion, instead of one person and their slides.

[Photo: "463" by Leo Reynolds]

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