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Expertise is about experience and knowledge

Inner ExperienceAnd experience and knowledge are rather difficult to stuff into a database.

The discussion of expertise never fails to entertain and inform - at least for me.  I think Harold Jarche has the same sensibility, repeating some bits of conversation in his Information is free; Experience is expensive post.  The post consists of tweets and some other quotes relating to expertise, and then he closes with the title quote from @JPBarlow.

@JPBarlow Information is free. Experience is expensive.

And I think this is something that the technologists don't fully appreciate.  The technology looks shiny and pretty, so we tend to look at it and convince ourselves that it will solve the problem.  It is relatively easy to collect information (assuming it is somewhere) and make correlations about who knows what, based on authorship and social graph information.  But then taking that next step into engaging that experts on a new subject or in an area that seems to be related to what they know, that takes you out of the technology and back to the knowledge and experience that they've gained - and that companies pay for.  And it is back to the human activities.

[Photo: "Inner Experience" by ecstaticist]

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