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Knowledge management and technology

Even ten years ago, people were saying technology is only an enabler for knowledge management.  Is it changing?  Yes, and no.  eClerxServices have published another of their video interviews with knowledge management professionals, this time with Chris Collison (co-author behind Learning to Fly).

The video is a quick 4 minute overview of Chris' view on the question of "the role of technology in knowledge management."  Some of the pieces I picked up from the comments:

  • Technology can be disruptive, and in the disruption create a different mechanism to achieve the goals of knowledge management.  Example: Twitter.
  • Chris' discussion of Twitter and how it enables conversations that wouldn't happen otherwise sounded exactly like how we talked about blogging five years ago.
  • Newer technologies are focused on connecting (people) - this is a very familiar argument.  But don't forget about the collecting end of things.

There were some other bits as well, so go have a listen for yourself. 

I really enjoy video interviews and discussions like this.  Blogs help me get a sense for how people think in their written word, but the video gives a sense for how people put those things together and string their thoughts from one idea to the next.  I've done one or two of these for more closed audiences.

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