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Is change becoming social?

Two People - Business MeetingMark McDonald on the Gartner blog network says that The nature of change is changing with a new pattern being related to much flatter organizations and wider information flow.  He says that change is becoming social-driven, rather than process-driven.  Interesting.

The nature of change is changing because the flow and control of information has become turbulent no longer flowing top down, but flowing in every direction at all times. This means that the ability to manage and lead change is no longer based on messaging, communication and traditional sponsorship. Rather it is based on processes of informing, enrolling and adapting that is significantly more disruptive and difficult to manage for executives and leaders.

As I read through the piece and perused his graphics, my thought was that leaders need to be even clearer about the purpose / mission / vision of the organization, because the people of the organization are becoming more and more capable of doing interesting things with what they have at their finger tips.  And they have more and more people and information available to them than ever before.  Just think where an organization can go with this capacity available - so long as there is a clear guiding light of where it is going.

[Photo: "Two People - Business Meeting" by Digital Desktop Wallpaper]

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