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The clutter of culture

Sharon Richardson has a great post talking about When culture doesn't matter.

[C]ulture is used as an excuse when the real reason for failure to adopt new systems is because the target audience doesn’t see any value in what they are being asked to do versus what they have been doing in the past. And so they either don’t change or do reluctantly, which can have worse outcomes than not doing anything at all.

I think that sums it up quite nicely.  Read the whole thing! 

If you are trying to drive change into an organization, and the group affected gets no value from the change (or worse: negative value), how do you expect things to work?

Get in there and figure out if your proposed change is going to run into any barriers.  Are those barriers inherent in your idea?  Are they built into the ways and means of the organization?  What can be changed about these things (both the idea and the organization)?  Check again.  As Sharon says, it isn't the fault of culture that your idea fails to stick.

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