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Preparing for change: suggestions from AMA

Spare Change - ExtrasThe recent American Management Association "Leader's Edge" newsletter contained an article by Rick Maurer on change management - or failures in change management, Why So Many Changes Fail-and What You Can Do About It.  Given that I've been reading a bunch on the topic recently, the article struck me.

My belief is that if you know what to do, know how to do it, work in a place that supports sound change practices, and where hidden obstacles don’t get n the way, your success rate ill be much higher than those who score poorly on any of these questions. I wish you well.

That abstract summarizes his four points about what to do.  Maurer suggests a step-by-step walk through each of these topics with the people in the organization who are responsible for leading change.  Get them to talk about what good looks like for change efforts.  Get them to talk about the reality of change efforts in the organization.  Figure out how to bridge the gap.

This dovetails nicely with the other things I've been reading (mainly John Kotter) around preparing for a change.  It also like the fourth element of his suggestion: be on the lookout for those hidden obstacles, like policies and practices that will stand in the way of a successful implementation.

I also like his what-not-to-do's: the stuff that everyone assumes will work, instead of doing your homework.

[Photo: "Spare Change - Extras" by Robert Fairchild]

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