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Set those expectations


Johanna Rothman has some great comments about work life under a new approach: Managers New to Agile May Not Know What to Do

Managers do not know what to do. For years, they’ve been thinking about a Taylor-like approach to projects: get specialists, put them on the project when they are needed, tell people what to do when, and you’ll have a successful project and a good product. Oh boy. That sure has not been my experience.

This is an excellent point and it applies beyond Agile.  I have seen this in project environments Any environment where the work rules are changing can lead to confusion and uncertainty for people in the midst of the change.  One group may "get it" while another group doesn't. 

It is so important to tie changes to outcomes and set expectations for new behaviors and new actions for people.  It is difficult to change ingrained behaviors if people don't know what else to do.

[Photo: "Expectation" by Steffen M. Boelaars]

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